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P-16 – The A.A. Group — Informal guide tells how a group works most effectively, how a new group can be started, and how each group can be linked to A.A. as a whole.

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Are You a Functional Alcoholic? Article Treatment for Opiate Addiction. Article Signs of Alcohol . Article Effects of Crystal Meth. Article

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A person with a parent or sibling with alcoholism is three to four times more likely to be alcoholic The mutual-help group-counseling approach

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Official site for the support group for friends and family of alcoholics. Includes information, meeting schedules, events.

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If you are concerned with a drinking problem, wish to learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous or want to find A.A. near you, we can help you.

AA members attend group meetings facilitated by other members—all is the only national organization focusing specifically on the needs of alcoholic women,

Official site for the support group of people who grow up with an alcoholic parent.

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Ball-and-stick model of the hydroxyl (-OH) functional group in an alcohol molecule It is found in alcoholic beverages sold to adults, as fuel,

The alcoholic admits that they are ready to nonreligious people may find themselves more comfortable in a secular 12-Step alcoholics support group or a non-12

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Link your AA group or office to our 12th Step Help Committee. Go: Browse the Online Meeting Directories Email, chat, audio, and forums meetings in a

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