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WebMD shares information about caring for baby’s new teeth, preventing tooth decay, caring for gums, dental visits, and more.

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To clean your baby’s mouth: Lay your infant in your lap. The head should be close to your chest so you can look down directly into your ‘s mouth.

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Mouth Sores in Babies – Baby has a mouth sore and wondering what’s causing it? Find information on causes, treatments and risks of mouth sores in babies and ren

Get the information you need to take care of your ‘s ears (including hearing), nose, mouth, and throat. Find out what to do if your baby or older has a sore

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My baby has white patches in her mouth. What could this be? It could be the common and sometimes painful oral yeast infection known as thrush. Thrush causes creamy

Oral thrush, a very common infection in infants that causes irritation in and around the baby’s mouth, often goes away on its own without medical treatment.

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