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This gallery is filled with famous gay celebrities and our most intriguing community leaders past and present.

Hollywood is a pretty fickle place and, if celebrities come out of the closet, there’s an unfortunate possibility that their careers can be negatively affected.

20 Celebs You Have No Idea Are Gay! Advertisement. Gone are the days where proclaiming “I’M GAY’ is a complete career ender. With openly gay and proud celebs

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Once it was considered a potentially career-ending acknowledgment, but a growing number of celebrities have come out with relatively little fanfare

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Gay Celebrites 90 brings you some of the hottest celebs who have come out as gay or bisexual.

Sean Hayes is now a proud gay man, but he has a few regrets about his coming out process ― namely, taking so long to address his sexuality in the fi

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25 Celebrities Who You’d Never Expect To Be Gay Or Bisexual. Even though much has changed over the years with the ruling on same sex marriage,

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Check out the list of world famous gay celebrities in the slideshow. Most Read; Everything You Need To Know, Right Now.

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