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Question: What should I do if I’m pregnant and I find a lump? Answer: If you’re pregnant, getting breast lumps is very common. Usually they’re just from the

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Signs of breast cancer during pregnancy. Most breast cancers diagnosed during or shortly after if you’re pregnant and you have a breast lump that needs

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes mothers-to-be have breast cancer. Getting pregnant doesn’t cause the cancer, although the changes in hormones from the

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Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. Sometimes breast cancer occurs in women who are pregnant or have

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Though finding a breast lump can be scary (and, if you’re like many women, may make you think immediately of cancer), rest assured it’s more than likely nothing

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Breast changes are a common experience during pregnancy and often begin at the start of pregnancy. Learn more about breast changes and what to expect.

Although most breast changes in pregnancy are benign and not cancerous, a lump always requires additional investigation. Until more tests are done, you won’t know

Continued Myth 6: A Small Lump Is Less Likely to Be Cancer Than a Large Lump. Breast lumps come in all sizes, and size doesn’t affect the odds that it’s cancer, says

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